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Did the Bunny visit your house?

Posted by coalescemarketing on April 14, 2009

It was certainly a happy Easter for all at Coalesce. Quality time was spent with family and friends – and each of our sweet tooths (or is it teeth?) were fully satisfied!

With baskets stuffed to the brim, leftover candy always makes its way into the office the Monday after. And we certainly weren’t disappointed today. The team took this opportunity for a quick poll – what’s the one Easter candy you can’t do without?

Michelle – Red and white jelly beans

Lisa – The original Cadbury Egg

Emily – Caramel Cadbury Egg

Melissa – Reese’s peanut butter eggs

Kristin – The original Cadbury Egg

Judy – Reese’s peanut butter eggs

Mike – Hersey’s Bliss Eggs

Dana – Peeps!

Shauna – Seroogy’s Chocolate Fudge Egg


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