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Hopelessly addicted

Posted by coalescemarketing on April 17, 2009

We knew Shauna had a problem, but we didn’t quite understand the full-extent. Every once in awhile we’d find her stash hidden around the office – blues, greens and even the orange ones – squirreled away in random closets and drawers for a rainy day.

The breaking point came when we realized that there were no more Post-It® pads left for anyone else…and our supply bill was a little too spendy.

Searching high and low for an alternative fix, we ran across new Zip Notes – less wasteful and certainly easier on the pocketbook.

Weaning off Post-Its, Shauna explains her Zip Note experience as “a fix tailored to the need of the moment. It could be a big need, or a little need – but it works just right because you choose the amount.”

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