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The Spillage Fairy by: the sisters grimm

Posted by coalescemarketing on April 28, 2009

O nce upon a time, in the orange land of Coalesce, worked a girl named Shauna. A pretty girl with a cheerful face and fun, sassy disposition, Shauna loved to make her co-workers laugh with funny jokes and silly stories.

 But Shauna had a not-so-secret, secret. She was a chronic spiller. And although her co-workers talked and laughed about it as if it were an endearing characteristic, Shauna was still slightly embarrassed.

 One day, while eating her Chicken Chili, Shauna wished a little wish: “Not today; just one day without spills … please, please, please,” thought Shauna over and over again while she ate her potentially messy chili. And for the rest of her meal Shauna was cautiously optimistic, even as her teammates walked passed, noticing her lunch-of-choice and thinking it was only a matter of time…

 Meanwhile, in the designers area, Mike (the only male in the entire orange land of Coalesce) was getting ready to eat his lunch. He too was thinking about his office reputation – his as being “the only guy.” Then he wished a little wish: to be viewed for something a little different.

 Just then, Mike spilled all down the front of his jeans. He claimed it was an accident…and maybe it was. Or maybe, just maybe, wishes came true today in the orange land of Coalesce. Attentions where shifted and laughs still had by all!

 No one knows for sure if the Spill Fairy was involved, but how could she not be???

 And they all worked happily ever after.

 The End


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