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Can you say “Coalesce?”

Posted by coalescemarketing on May 1, 2009

As designers, writers, account managers and public relations and business development professionals, the Coalesce team can honestly say we’re a creative, fun, happy – and grateful bunch. Grateful in the sense that we’re all able to come to the office and do what we love, everyday. And when you love what you do, naturally, you want to share your excitement with others. Today Coalesce was afforded that very opportunity.

College students from all over Wisconsin joined together for an AAF-Fox River Ad Club sponsored event to learn more about the exciting advertising agency world. One of the day’s highlights was a tour of the inner-workings of the Coalesce office (and of course receiving a tasty, sugar-infused Orange Crush to get the creative juices flowing) …an experience, we say, that shouldn’t be missed!

After all, we’re always looking out for the next generation of team orange!

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