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Orange house roughhouse: who’s in control?

Posted by coalescemarketing on May 4, 2009

At Coalesce, we often get our creative juices flowing by listening to our favorite tunes. So to help inspire the creative process, Lisa and Michelle awarded the team with a SONOS system to pipe music throughout the office.

We’ve learned that the Coalesce crew has wide ranging tastes in music genre: for instance, you certainly won’t catch Melissa with a cowboy hat or hear a twang word come out of that girl’s mouth, but we do have several country fans in the office (good luck having anyone fess up to it…especially if Melissa’s within ear shot).

So we stick to the safe route – top hits of today (and of course the indie scene!)

Every now and then, someone will get the urge to grab the controller and switch it up. And when I say “switch it up” I mean cause a ruckus. You may even get a few people to step out of their office and ask “who put that on?” And once in a great while, there could be an all out brawl. Just ask Emily, who learned that a fight with a pregnant woman will never truly be a fair fight.

But it’s all in the name of creativity.

Perhaps we’d have more luck on agreeing to a radio station…you think?

Coalesce Team Radio Preference List:

Lisa: 94.3 Bob and Tom in the Morning.

Mike: 89.3 WPNE.

Judy: I’m not a radio listener. I like podcasts.

Melissa: Mancow in the morning on 106.7.

Emily: WIXX.

Shauna: The Coffee House channel 30 – Sirius Radio.

Michelle: I am an obsessive radio station changer.

Dana:  WDUZ (The Fan) for sports.

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