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To Yammer, or not to Yammer?

Posted by coalescemarketing on May 12, 2009

Social media is quickly conquering the business-to-business networking world…and is now creeping its way into the internal company as well.

Considered a 2009 workplace wonder, Yammer is a social networking site that allows co-workers to connect and follow each other’s project updates, share bookmarks, attachments and photos and dish out valuable advice via a constant feed – much like Twitter. But if Twitter asks “what are you doing,” Yammer asks “what are you working on?”

And what makes Yammer unique for workplaces is that each company has a private network; only people within the same company can see each other’s information. Like other social mediums, you can quickly learn which “Yammerers” are viewed as go-to sources within a company simply by viewing the volume of followers and posts for a particular user.

With a steady release of new applications and features that integrate this social medium into everyday work functions, it appears that, for many, Yammer has become a legitimate business tool, especially in a project management capacity.

So, to Yammer, or not to Yammer? That’s the question – check it out here to decide on your answer!

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