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The Biggest Loser? No way – her loss reveals tremendous gain

Posted by coalescemarketing on May 15, 2009

Our local reality celebrity, Kristin Steede, may not have won The Biggest Loser, but walking away from the hit NBC series nearly half her size, she’s gained tremendously – gained a loyal following of fans from every corner of the country, that is.

People are inspired by her tenacious hard-working, can-do attitude, upheld through adversity. Because when the going got tough, Kristin got going. And to prove it, she was the first woman to ever lose 100 pounds on any season of the show.

Kristin certainly has a big fan base right here at Coalesce. Our team had the privilege of working with her to design, her personal Web site. Check it out – and make sure to leave her a message of congratulations on her blog!

And you haven’t seen the last of Kristin. Embracing the tremendous opportunity she was afforded before America, Kristin’s now embarking on an all out mission to “pay-it-forward,” sharing messages of hope and lessons of courage – with all who are willing to listen.

So, Kristin Steede, The Biggest Loser? Not even close. She’s only getting started.

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