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Apparently Gorillas Enjoy Playing Golf??

Posted by coalescemarketing on July 16, 2009

As the members of the Fox River Ad Club prepared to tee off at their annual golf outing held Thursday, July 9, 2009, they experienced a different kind of drive by …

Golf Outing 2009-0029

No one thought they would come across such a creature at a golf outing, but as it ended up, he was not only friendly but helpful! This gorilla sold raffle tickets to golfers to raise money for the Fox River Ad Club. But I think “Mr. Gorilla” had his own agenda. WINK!!!

Golf Outing 2009-0037

As the day continued, the gorilla seemed to get bored with the humans and decided to return to where he belongs. So, after posing in the grass for hours as if he was Sasquatch, he finally returned home, not to the jungle but to his real home – here at Coalesce. Although he has been know from time to time as a “party animal” we never knew that Graphic Designer, Mike Gehrman had this “animal” side to him.

Golf Outing 2009-0030

For more information about the Fox River Ad Club and how to become a member, visit their website:


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