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What I have learned as an Intern

Posted by coalescemarketing on July 27, 2009

I have been working at Coalesce going on two months. I have gained an unbelievable amount of knowledge. However let me tell you this… it has not been easy.

The reason I have survived job at Coalesce is because I learned the true secret of success: follow Shauna’s rules.

From day one, I knew that she meant business. For those of you interested in working at Coalesce, obey the following rules.

(Please note: Shauna can smell your vulnerability the second you walk in the door.)

Shauna’s Rules

  1. Do not attempt to scare Shauna while she is jamming out to her tunes.
  2. Praise her singing ability whenever possible.
  3. Do not use tap water for any reason, especially when making coffee.
  4. When filling up the ice cube tray, make sure the water is evenly distributed. VERY IMPORTANT, I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!
  5. Say yes to all requests.
  6. Close conference room door at all times.
  7. Remember this: anything Shauna says…goes.

Warning: Failure to follow these rules may cause bodily harm.

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