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What the Tweet!? Lesson Two

Posted by coalescemarketing on August 28, 2009

Balancing Work and the Twittersphere

Welcome to your second Twitter Class!

If you did not walk through lesson one, go back to the beginning! With today’s jammed-packed schedules, Twitter is most likely the last thing on your mind. But to use this site to benefit your business, you need to be active.  Tweet consistently for the best results!

And like all things in life, find an appropriate balance so not to compromise your other work-related responsibilities.

Here are a few suggestions; choose one and commit to it:

Tweet yourself:  Twittering for the business means Twitter should be up on your computer for the majority of the day – and be thinking about your next tweet. If this time commitment seems too intense, consider the following three.

Delegate the task: Assign one person from your team to be the primary “Twitteree”. Encourage him or her to tweet on a daily basis and engage company followers.

Team Work: Give the whole team access to the business’s Twitter account. This will allow your twitter page to generate more tweets per day. Provide employees with the company username and password and encourage everyone to participate. However, make it clear that posts represent the company and must be relevant with business appropriate information.

Let Everyone Tweet: Allow each employee to create a personal account (If they do not already have one). Encourage them to provide your Twitter following with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life at your office or industry news. This option differs from #3 (Team Work) because your employees are representing themselves, but tweeting about the company.  Make it clear that if they choose to tweet during the day, it needs to be work related.


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