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The Music of the Mind

Posted by coalescemarketing on September 23, 2009

The theory has been posed and tested time and again: playing a musical instrument increases a person’s creativity.

The Coalesce staff is a perfect case study.  Being a marketing agency, creativity is the fuel for our fire. We love ideas and live for “outside the box.”  And, once again proving the age-old question true, we found that the entire Coalesce staff has musical backgrounds. Some more successful than others …

Musical sensations include:

Ali – Violin
Dana – Flute
Judy – Clarinet
Lisa – Clarinet
Michelle P. – Trumpet
Michelle R.  – Clarinet
Mike – Bass & Guitar
Shauna – Clarinet
Todd – Drums & Guitar

Our band is practicing and we’re booking gigs as we speak; look for us on the 2010 season line-up for the Fox Valley Performing Arts Center. (Ummm, no, not really …)


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