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Tweeting Goes Primetime

Posted by coalescemarketing on November 11, 2009

Major television networks turn to social media as sitcom inspiration

Last Monday, CBS announced it purchased the rights to the Twitter account known as “sh*tmydadsays.”

Now people are wondering:  How did a 29-year-old man living in his dad’s basement capture the attention of a major television station? The answer can be found between the laughs.  Justin Halpern’s tweets are humorous, witty, inappropriate – and relatable.  But more importantly, they are statements said by his 73-year-old dad. For example:


Sitcoms succeed when they take real life situations, add exaggeration, and hire professional, “funny” people to reenact it.  So with it’s off-the-cuff, genuine nature, social media is a fitting content generator for broadcasting companies to note.

And “Sh*tmydadsays” isn’t the only social media forum turned sitcom. “Texts From Last Night,” a popular site where people submit drunken, foot-in-mouth text messages from the night before, was picked up by Fox in September. These two success stories could preview a significant trend for how broadcasting companies or movie producers search for the next big hit.

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