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The Toys of Childhoods Past

Posted by coalescemarketing on December 23, 2009

Here at Coalesce, we like to reminisce and we feel that we wouldn’t be the people we are today without the milestones of our pasts. So what is one important thing everyone remembers? Their greatest childhood toys.

While sharing our favorites over much laughter and lots of “Oh yeah, I remember those!”, the list shaped up as follows:

Shauna: Care Bear, “Friendship Bear”

Lisa: Spirograph

Michelle R: Barbie Dolls

Mike: Silly Putty

Todd: Star Wars Millenium Falcon

Judy: Lite Brite

Michelle P: Sled

Dana: Big Wheel (pink)

Jessica: Hot Wheels Slot Cars

Gina: Barbie Dream House

We hope you enjoyed this memory jog as much as we did and Happy Holidays from Michelle, Lisa, and the team at Coalesce!

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