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You Don’t Know How To Tight Roll Your Jeans?!

Posted by coalescemarketing on January 15, 2010

Let it be known up-front that the purpose of this blog is not to draw attention to or point out the age gap that lies between the youngest member of the Coalesce team (me, Jess), and the veterans of the agency. Rather, tell a mere story that happened to amplify it.

On occasional afternoons when the group gathers around the lunch table to break bread, conversation gets colorful. On this particular afternoon, talk turned to the fashions of the ’90s. You know, slap bracelets, scrunchies, t-shirt clips, high-top shoes, etc. These are things that I’m somewhat familiar with, and if nothing else I’ve seen them on an episode of VH1’s I Love the ’90s.

Gina then said, “Oh, remember how cool it was to tight roll your jeans?!” And to this I asked, “To do what?” Well, that little question yielded an explosive reaction.

Dana: “You’ve never heard of tight rolling your jeans?!”

Shauna: “Are you kidding, Jess?! You were nobody if you didn’t tight roll your jeans!”

Next thing I know, my leg is up in Gina’s lap, her hands frantically folding and rolling. “THAT is how you tight roll jeans!” she said.

Now I’ve come to understand that there is an art to this jean-rolling, so for your convenience (or if you choose to make a feeble attempt at bringing this radical trend back), I’ve included a link that shows how to tight roll your jeans.


How to Tight Roll Your Jeans

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