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Todd’s Brush With Fame

Posted by coalescemarketing on March 26, 2010

When Coalesce was given the opportunity to attend the Wisconsin Specialty Cheese Institute (WSCI) mini trade show earlier this month, no one really expected to have anything on the brain besides design, labels and maybe a cheesy treat here and there.

But when Todd happened upon the one and only Mauro Magellan of The Georgia Satellites, his day was made.

Todd & Mauro

Immediately starstruck, Todd collected himself (or at least tried to) and asked what the timeless band was up to.  Mauro said that they came out with a new album and proceeded to hand one to Todd.  As Todd checked out the CD, Mauro said, “And that’s actually gonna be $10.”

Guess everybody could always use a little change in their pocket:

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