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ADDY #2: Coalesce Holiday E-Cards

Posted by coalescemarketing on March 30, 2010

We love holidays, and what makes us love them even more is creating our signature holiday e-cards, which brings us to ADDY #2.

Coalesce was presented with a gold ADDY in Web site/Consumer Flash for a series of e-cards that were created over the course of 2009. Our e-cards are sent to clients, friends, family and anyone else that comes to mind, as a way to help them keep us top-of-mind. And in this process we asked ourselves, why focus on just the traditional holidays?

Enter The Coalesce Calendar of Obscure Holidays.

The obscure holiday calendar served not only as a complement to the already established yearly holidays, but also as inspiration to keep our Coalesce creative juices flowing…and now we have the ADDY to prove it!

Also, check out our 2009 New Year’s e-card!

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