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ADDY #5: Event Collateral

Posted by coalescemarketing on April 2, 2010

Here it is folks, day number five of our week of 2009 ADDY blogs and the final award comes from our good friends at the Fox River Ad Club.

A silver ADDY from the Event Collateral category was awarded to Coalesce for design pieces that were created for the 2008 ADDY Awards show itself.

Conveying a mildly ominous theme of “judgment day” (all in good fun, of course), the pieces below were used as invites and awareness collateral for the event:

Displaying a visually engaging contrast of colors and imaging, these pieces were a delight to create and accompany with the overall theme.

Each and every one of our 2009 ADDY awards is appreciated and treasured. The work that was put into each piece came from a small idea that grew into something bigger. We nourish our talent and harvest a myriad of ideas but most importantly, we grow- together.

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