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Mike and Todd Mold Young Minds

Posted by coalescemarketing on April 14, 2010

Some say that due to the advancements of modern technology, today’s youth are expected to learn more than any generation prior. It almost seems that they’ll be learning how to bid on keywords for PPC’s not too long after learning their ABC’s.

But while they’re still young and open to the multitude of paths that will lead to their future careers, direction from elders can help. With this in mind, Todd and Mike of the Coalesce creative design team attended the Wilson Middle School 8th Grade Career Fair on March 24th.

Mike and Todd showcased some of their animation for the kids and explained what they do as graphic designers on a daily basis. They offered insight on how to become a graphic designer and explained how their passion for creation and love of art flourished into fulfilling careers.

Mike Presenting

Presenting at the career fair and helping these kids grow and learn was all in a day’s work for Mike and Todd and needless to say, they were overjoyed when the feedback from the kids came rolling into the office:

Thank you, Wilson Middle School!

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