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Po’boys for Pelicans

Posted by coalescemarketing on June 11, 2010

There’s no question that the Gulf Coast oil spill is a devastating incident that yanks at the heartstrings of people across the country. Seeing pictures of oil-soaked animals and the continuous stream of oil under the ocean’s surface can also give an intimidating feeling of, “Well, what can I do about this?” Fantastically, there are organizations taking steps that allow the general public to provide aid to the disaster.

Enter “Dine out for the Gulf Coast“, a 3-day benefit that is nationwide and gives restaurants the opportunity to contribute in various ways to the Gulf Coast whether it be a percentage of sales donated, specific menu items priced for donation, or a specialty cocktail with a dollar value donated to the cause.

Refusing to miss this opportunity, a few of us left the office with empty, growling stomachs Thursday afternoon and headed over to the only Wisconsin restaurant currently participating: Po’Boy Sandwich Co. of Appleton, who is donating 10% of all food sales over these three days to the coast.

Eager to try their down-south, Creole-style food, we each ordered a little something different from the menu. I went with the grilled chicken po’boy with a cup of their spicy jambalaya. Mike enjoyed their original po’boy stacked with turkey and roast beef covered in their signature gravy while Judy ordered the cajun shrimp po’boy.

What we found so satisfying about this simple lunch was the idea that regardless of how far we are from the oil crisis, we were able to contribute in our small way. Kudos to the “Dine out for the Gulf Coast” cause and to Po’boy Sandwich Co. for finding an innovative and delicious way to contribute to the coast.

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