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Meet our Warrior

Posted by coalescemarketing on June 25, 2010

It’s officially summer, the brightest and arguably most beautiful season of the year! It’s also the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors; things like mud pits, walls of fire, hellacious hills, and murky swamps. What’s that? Who enjoys those you ask? Our account coordinator warrior, Jess does!

This past weekend, Jess traveled to Joliet, IL to participate in the Warrior Dash, a 5K course with 12 intense obstacles…and thankfully lived to tell the tale!

“It was dark, my vision blurred, there was an instant where I didn’t know if I was gonna make it,” Jess said as she regaled us in her triumph. “But I persevered, took a swan dive into the final mud pit obstacle, and came out a champion.”

The obstacles included running through a junkyard of cars, leaping over walls, bear-crawling through muddy tunnels and slithering through a mud pool to avoid the barbed wire strung overhead.

As depicted in these before-and-after photos, Coalesce alum Ali Maresh also joined Jess in her act of insanity.

Way to go ladies, you made Team Orange proud!

Take a peek at the overall course and each obstacle here: Midwest Course

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