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Introducing Jason to the Coalesce Team!

Posted by coalescemarketing on May 26, 2011

Meet Jason.

Graphic designer. Multimedia architect. All around good-guy-to-know.

With his hard-working demeanor and portfolio full of impressive work and awards, the Coalesce team couldn’t be more excited that he’s with us!  His love of creative design began while working his very first “tween” job, as a sandwich artist for Subway. And he hasn’t looked back…

What he’s about: Jason is a doer. A dive-right-in-the-project kind of guy. And with his major in marketing from UW-Oshkosh, it gives him an advantage when designing for clients as he gets the “big picture” marketing goals, but also has an eye for quality graphic design.

Hometown:  Appleton, WI.

Age: 24 (and ladies – he’s single!)

Height: 6’ 3”. You won’t lose him in a crowd.

Hobbies: Musician, (drummer and guitarist) currently in the heavy metal band 5MAN (, watching movies, eating pizza, collecting art and anything to do with cars.

Design Awards: 2010 Digital Signage Expo Award, 2010 Acui Region 8 – Best Logo, 2009 Visix Expressions Award

Accomplishments: Olympic Gold medal in Tiger-Wrestling, China 2008. World’s tallest 6’3” man


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