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Nothing New

Posted by coalescemarketing on June 3, 2011

It was recently pointed out to me and several others attending a Lunch ‘n’ Learn that there will never be anything new created again.  This statement was made to reinforce the differences between generations.  The latest generation, iGen (not sure if this was made up or the actual name for the group following the Y Generation), is growing up in an age where a touch screen is the only thing separating oneself from an endless amount of information.  The speaker went on to tell a story illustrating the fact that no longer do we need to “wonder” about anything.  After all, why wonder when you can Google?

I have often thought about how much easier it would’ve been to come up with a revolutionary, world-changing invention or concept a few centuries ago.  Back then there was seemingly much more unexplored territory, both literally and figuratively.  Nowadays we often recreate, reengineer or revive things from the past, often times unintentionally, in the process of generating “new” stuff.  Ideas represent the sum of many thoughts, which stem from an undiluted array of input collected over one’s lifetime or a group’s lifetimes.  Needless to say, you can’t filter what you’ve learned from past experience, reading, observation, etc. from what you’ve learned from scratch.  Hence, is it even possible to come up with something completely new unless you grew up in a bubble?

What does this mean for businesses trying to create or define a brand that is unique to their company or product and is fresh at the same time?  It starts with understanding your market and how your product serves that market.  A well-defined plan of action that is on target and strategically implemented will propel a brand much further than a brand without an equally solid foundation.  Consider playing with the delivery method of your message.  Get a look at your brand from a different perspective (INSERT SHAMELESS PLUG FOR COALESCE, INC. HERE).

To wrap up, I want to leave you with a link to an audio version of an essay entitled “Bee Sting” written by the star of Comedy Central’s Important Things with Demetri Martin.  Demetri does a great job of illustrating a common mishap from multiple, unexpected angles in this clip from his recent book, This is a Book.  Take a listen – I’m betting you’ll be inspired or amused at the very least:


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