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Office Fun – The Logo Game

Posted by coalescemarketing on November 11, 2011

The abrupt change from fall to winter weather and the inches of snow accumulating outside left the Coalesce Crew feeling less like leaving the office for lunch today and more like hunkering down for some good quality time together. After all, there’s nothing like a little co-worker bonding. For us, that meant ordering pizza and playing The Logo Game during our lunch break.

If you’re not familiar with The Logo Game, it consists of a series of questions pertaining to brand logos, slogans, products, spokes-people and many other obscure references. The game itself was a great way to stretch our minds after a busy morning and to gear up for more work this afternoon. It also led to some hilarious moments.

Who knew “Duncan Hines” is, in fact, the name of a cake-mix maker and not, as was otherwise thought by one of our colleagues, a way to say “good bye” in another language? And, if you had no idea that the SunMaid Raisin girl’s bonnet is now in a major national museum, you’re in good company. We didn’t know either!

Despite some of our logo-knowledge short comings, we all enjoyed the game and were able to get quite a few questions correct. Maybe the adverse driving conditions this winter season will encourage some more office lunch hour fun. We’ll keep you posted!

For now, “Duncan Hines!”

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