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Santa’s Elves Are Wearing Orange This Year!

Posted by coalescemarketing on December 12, 2011

Here at Coalesce, we’ve been spreading holiday cheer in more ways than one.

Last week, we kicked off the holiday season with a bang. Our company Christmas party provided many laughs and a great chance to celebrate a happy 2011.

We’ve been using our lunch hour to catch up on Christmas classics like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

And, taking a cue from Rudolph (well, I guess from Hermie – though he wanted to be a dentist, so maybe not), we’ve also been channeling our inner elves. Recently, we encouraged friends, clients and community partners to grow their holiday spirit with us. Our contest to win $500 to donate to an area non-profit organization was a huge success. We had over 85 applicants, all giving extremely worthy explanations for why they were nominating the non-profit they had chosen.

The winner of our holiday spirit giveaway random drawing is Jim Bott from Fulfillnet. And, the non-profit of his choice is Goodwill Industries. For more information: . Thank you to everyone who entered and for your heartfelt support of area non-profits. Holiday spirit is definitely in the air!


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