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A Super (Bowl) Challenge

Posted by coalescemarketing on February 3, 2012

Super Bowl weekend is upon us, and it’s almost expected that as a marketing firm, we discuss the upcoming barrage of commercials. You know, the usual – who’ll take the cake for best 30- or 60- second spot? What crazy stunts will be pulled this year? Will the Ferris Bueller re-take be a hit or a miss? These are the types of things that it seems everyone is talking about.

We’ve been thinking a little deeper though. As much as we love commercials (and don’t get us wrong, that Volkswagen mini Darth Vader stole our hearts last year), we’ve also been thinking more “big picture.”

What are Super Bowl commercials really about, anyway? Don’t think too hard on that one – getting the audience’s attention, of course. Whether that be with models, cars, babies, dogs, movie stars or whatever, the goal of each company that pays $3.5-4 million dollars for less than a minute’s worth of time is to be noticed – to grab people’s attention and keep people talking. Still, the biggest beef people usually have with Super Bowl commercials is that they remember the commercial but not the brand.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Here’s our Super Bowl challenge. Consider your marketing strategy. How are you positioning your brand to be recognized and remembered? Is your biggest marketing effort a monthly ad in a local magazine? Great. How are you going to make your ad stand out from the other 30 in the publication? Are you thinking about redesigning your logo, or are you just starting out and creating a logo for the first time? Awesome. What are you going to do to make prospective customers connect with the image?

Truth be told, most of us cannot afford million dollar TV spots. But, regardless, we can still make the most of our marketing efforts by ensuring careful thought is put into the message and medium.

Since we are marketing professionals and we can’t resist engaging in this conversation, comment here or tweet @CoalesceInc and let us know your favorite Super Bowl commercials. Better yet, give us a call at 920.380.4444 to discuss ways to wow your audience.


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