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Color Us Orange

Posted by coalescemarketing on February 17, 2012

In January, Pantone, a world-renowned authority on color, announced that the 2012 color of the year is Tangerine Tango. We are thrilled by this pick!

Tangerine Tango is an orange derivative! We love orange around here. Our walls are orange. Our business cards are orange. We drink coffee out of orange mugs, write with pens that have orange ink and many of us even sport orange polo shirts. We’d like to believe we wear the color well.

Why, might you ask, are we so obsessed with orange? Well, as color theorists, we believe our hue tells an awful lot about us.

Let’s consider the profile Pantone gives to Tangerine Tango:

  • Spirited
  • Energy boost
  • Fun
  • Lively

What’s not to love? And, here at Coalesce, we’ve been living out the values of this beloved color for eight years. This is how:

  • Spirited – We are eternal optimists. Our cup is never just half full, but instead, it’s brimming over with innovative solutions to your communications challenges.
  • Energy boost – We have lots of energy to fuel strategic insights and creative inspiration.
  • Fun – We like to have fun on and off the job (see photo below).
  • Lively – We’re friendly and outgoing. We focus equally on relationships and results, leading to a win-win partnership for our clients.

We’re taking this year’s color as a sort of affirmation, and we’re vowing to continue to live by our Orange principles. Join us in celebrating a year of orange!

Even our tents are orange!

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