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Social Media Slam Dunk

Posted by coalescemarketing on February 24, 2012

“Oh, I’ll tweet that video at you.” “I pinned the recipe to my board, so you’ll have to check it out.” “Yeah, she’s engaged. I saw it on Facebook!”

Raise your hand if you’ve heard one or more the above phrases (or similar ones) in the last week. Yup. Same here. Social media platforms have become an every-day part of life. They are embedded in our conversations and our daily routines. Using social media platforms for your business is a necessary way to stay relevant with an ever-evolving audience. People want to interact with the companies they patronize. Engaging fans on social media sites is a great way for businesses to give them the interactive, one-to-one experience they’re looking for.

A perfect example of this interaction can be seen in the NBA’s approach to social media. Whether you love professional basketball or hate it, you’ve got to give credit to the organization for the way it has embraced social media. The most recent example of its total commitment to its social media efforts came when the NBA announced that it would allow fans to be the sole voters, and thus the sole decision makers, in this year’s Slam Dunk Contest. Fans can vote via Twitter using the hashtag #SpriteSlam, as well as through text messages or the NBA’s website. In this way, the NBA gives fans an active role in a real-time competition. So, not only is the NBA interacting with fans, but it’s worthwhile for a fan to follow the NBA on Twitter or on the organization’s website because they can see how their voice and opinion matters. Their input results in something…in this case, a slam dunk champion.

How can you apply what the NBA is doing to your business?

First, it’s helpful to understand that the NBA has a pool of 240 million fans on social media sites. If your business isn’t a nationally televised sport, doesn’t employ superstars (at least not ones who are publically recognizable) and as a result doesn’t have the luxury of raking in fans with every broadcast, you may have to work to organically increase the number of fans you have on Facebook or Twitter. Think about ways you can attract people to your business website and social media platforms. Building that foundation of followers is essential. As you build your fan base, figure out ways to keep followers involved. Use the NBA as an example. Offer prizes, incentives or coupons. Ask questions and tell them how their answers will be put into effect.

Overall, the key to social media success is not only engaging in a conversation but demonstrating that the conversation is worthwhile. Give fans a voice, show them that you’re listening and like the NBA, it’ll be a slam dunk for your business, too.

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