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Timeline for Brands – Milestones: Part 1 of 3

Posted by coalescemarketing on March 9, 2012

On March 30, every brand managed Facebook page will be updated to the Timeline format. Timeline has been on our radar for some months, now, as we first had the option to switch over our personal pages to the format last September. Still, the transition for our branded pages will take some getting used to.

Since hundreds of articles exist to explain all the changes in detail, laying out for page managers and designers alike the new functions and design specifications, we won’t bore you with another synopsis. Rather, we’d like to focus this post and our next two blog posts on a few specific features of the Timeline format that, in our opinion, will be key to maximizing the potential of branded pages. First, Milestones:


What is it? Milestones are major events that are relevant to your brand. This could include your brand’s founding, the date you moved to your new location, when you hired your most recent CEO and anything else having to do with your brand’s history or story.

How to use it? Click on the “Milestone” link next in the status bar and fill in the proper information and media.

Why use it? The Milestone feature is a built-in way to give fans and prospective fans some insight into your company and how it became what it is today. Use it to tell the story of your brand! Putting time and effort into creating exciting Milestones that will engage your audience is a great way to give fans a feeling of a one-on-one connection with your brand. You can use photos or videos that correlate to specific milestones and draw out an emotional response from users. Fans will be able to scroll through the years on the right side of your brand’s page to view the different high-points in your company’s history. Milestones will undoubtedly inspire some great conversations with fans. This added dimension to a brand’s Facebook page offers a new opportunity to draw attention to content that before may have seemed out of place on Facebook.

How do you plan to use the Milestone feature?

Monday, March 12, we’ll post about the second of the three features we’re focusing on: Pin Posts.


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