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Timeline for Brands – Pin Posts: Part 2 of 3

Posted by coalescemarketing on March 12, 2012

So, you’ve established your company’s “Milestones” and are getting to work on preparing your timeline with key dates in your brand’s history, but now you’re worried about how you’ll be able to guide a user through your page with the loss of the landing page feature.

Never fear, the next feature we’d like to focus on, the “Pin Post,” is a great new way to encourage fans and prospective fans to check out certain areas of your new timeline.

Pin Posts 

What is it? A pin post is a post that brands can pin to the top of the Timeline. It will remain pinned at the top of the timeline for up to seven days before it goes back to it’s position chronologically within the rest of your posts.

How to use it? To pin a post, scroll over the post and click on the little pencil in the upper right corner. In the drop down menu, select “pin to top.”

Why use it? Given the loss of the landing page with the Timeline format, pin posts will be essential in creating a positive user experience. Get creative with your pin post. It’ll be the first post fans (and non-fans) see when they get to your page. You can pin posts specifically targeted at new users, encouraging them to click on a specific application that’ll give them more information about your brand and the features of your Facebook page. Likewise, you can use a pin post to point users to a specific application panel or tab which includes more information about a coupon offer or a sweepstakes you are running. The possibilities for using the pin post are endless (we’re thinking polls, scavenger hunts, links, etc), but whatever you do, make sure your pinned post draws users in and gets them to stay and explore your page.

What are your ideas for pin posts?

Tomorrow, we’ll finish up our three part Facebook features series and focus on Starred posts.

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