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Leading Well

Posted by coalescemarketing on April 6, 2012

Fast Company recently interviewed the North American president of Gatorade, Sarah Robb O’Hagan. You can link to the entire article here, and trust us, it’s worth the read!

We love hearing, in a business professional’s own words, her tricks to being a successful leader. We believe everyone, no matter his or her rank, can lead well. We also believe that we can learn something about leadership from good leaders, and we welcome the opportunity!

Here are a few of Robb O’Hagan’s thoughts and what we took away from them.

When asked how she creates a culture of innovation and encourages creativity, Robb O’Hagan responded by saying simply, “By setting the example for my team.”

  • Key Takeaway – If you want a certain kind of culture and behavior to flourish within your organization, behave that way yourself. It’s the classic “lead by example” mentality. And, it works!

When asked about the most important trait a leader can have, Robb O’Hagan commented: “I truly think it’s the ability to inspire people with a vision. You can’t be a leader if people don’t want to follow you.”

  • Key Takeaway – So often, leaders are consumed with what they have to do to lead and all of the details and expectations that come along with being the one in charge. It’s easy to forget that you can’t even claim to be a leader if you don’t have followers. And, the mindset of those followers is what determines your success. Act with integrity and figure out a way to inspire those you work with. Do so by getting to know them and the things that make them excited.

When asked about the most valuable experience she’s had that’s made her a good boss, Robb O’Hagan said, “Spectacular failures!”

  • Key Takeaway – You’re not always going to succeed as a leader, and that simple fact is enough to make you a better leader IF you learn from your failures. Allow yourself to be humbled. Letting yourself be vulnerable and proving to your team that failure is okay is another way to build rapport with your teammates.

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