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A Monday Post

Posted by coalescemarketing on April 23, 2012

We’re posting this entry on a Monday. If you follow our blog, you know that typically, we post on Fridays. But we wanted to make a subtle adjustment this week. It comes as a result of much thinking about our social media habits.

So often, it’s easy to fall into routines. We post on Facebook at a certain time every day. We re-tweet articles from the same media outlet. And, we post to our blog on the same day every week. It’s comfortable. It’s what is expected. It’s ordinary. But, think about what we could be missing out on by merely sticking with our ordinary routines.

What about the people who log in to Facebook later in the evening, who don’t even see your daily mid-morning post? What about those who are so used to seeing your new blog post pop up on Friday that they’ve come to almost ignore it because it’s so routine? What about the audience that you’re failing to tap into through Twitter because you keep regurgitating someone else’s content rather than making your own point?

Now, in some cases, it’s important to stick to one’s routine. It’s never good to pull the rug completely out from under your fans or patrons. But, we also believe there’s value in doing something unexpected – in changing up one’s habits. In many instances, keeping people excited about your brand takes effort and a dedication to trying new things.

So, yes, we’re posting this blog entry on a different day of the week than usual. It’s not a big change, but we’re striving for fresh ideas around here. Happy Monday, everyone!


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