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Social Media Planning

Posted by coalescemarketing on May 4, 2012

What can I say? I’m a planner. I like to know what’s coming so that I can adequately prepare. When I don’t make the time to put a plan together, I feel anxious and less confident. Sometimes, I admit, I worry, to a fault, about having a plan. At the same time, I understand there is certainly a time and a place for flexibility; for going with the flow; and for taking things as they come.

Working with social media and successfully using platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr in our marketing mixes requires finding the right balance between working from a plan and rolling with the punches.

For example, when I sit down to make a Facebook post on a company’s brand page, a brilliant message doesn’t immediately fly from my brain to my finger tips and out into the ether. That would be nice, but for me, it doesn’t work like that. Crafting posts that matter and get results takes time, effort and forethought. I like to have a plan that includes notes about key dates and events for the next two months that I can be sure to highlight in the posts. That way, posts can reference what is current, what is coming up and how the company is connecting to these issues and ideas.

That being said, because social media exists in real time, brands can only be successful if they remain relevant. Though I may have a two-month plan, I have to be flexible when making posts on Facebook. If something major happens in the world or if our business is in the news, my fans are going to want to know about it. And in that case, I’m going to make a post regardless of whether or not it was in my plan.

So, I’ve determined that having a plan is necessary, but the ability and willingness to adapt one’s plan is just as critical. We’ve all heard the adage that “failing to plan is planning to fail.” I think it’s fair to add that if you fail to make adjustments to your plan, you’re also planning to fail.

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