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Posted by coalescemarketing on May 18, 2012

As I sit here pondering what to write to make this blog post worthwhile, all I keep feeling is, “I really need some inspiration.” This, of course, has had me humming Chicago’s hit “You’re the Inspiration” for a good hour now. Since I can’t seem to get the song out of my head, I’ve decided to focus on its theme: inspiration.

The beauty of being inspired is that it can happen at any moment, and it can be a catalyst. If a co-worker is inspired to work diligently on and complete a project, his determination and drive inevitably rubs off on the rest of us. Inspiration is both incredibly personal, and at the same time it has the power to be very efficacious.

Intrigued by the idea of what inspires people, I set out to find where some of my co-workers draw their inspiration from, for both work and life. Here’s what I’ve gathered:

Coalesce’s Inspiration Board:

  1. Good music – piano solos when writing and FloRida on the last leg of a run
  2. Nature – to get energized, to get clam, to acquire a focus
  3. Clients’ energy – they “get my heart pumping and I find myself thinking of ideas and suggestions to share with them before I’ve even left the kickoff meeting.”
  4. My mom’s selfless love – “she raised us and did what was best by us, never putting her own interests before ours.”
  5. Children – the way they think, what they think, how they play for so long
  6. Art
  7. Color – monochromatic or great combinations
  8. Design – graphic, interior or any sort of good design
  9. Unusual combinations – food, clothing, textures, patterns, drinks
  10. Quotes by successful people
  11. People who exercise regularly

As one of my colleagues put it, “so many things are inspirational. We just have to be in the right frame of mind to acknowledge them.” I think there’s a lot of truth in that. What inspires you? Comment here or tweet @CoalesceInc.

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