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Marketing Yourself

Posted by coalescemarketing on May 25, 2012

I found myself smiling this week as I read article after article describing college graduations. I saw Facebook status updates and pictures posted from younger friends who are now alumni of the same university I graduated from. I read tweets about how terrified and excited the newest wave of college graduates is to enter the real world.

I remember the transition from college senior to real-world worker like it was yesterday, and as any novice job-seeker, I tried to soak up as many tips and tricks of the trade as possible. Everyone posts lists of advice for the newly graduated. As I think back on those lists (and read some that have come out again this year), I can’t help but think how similar the characteristics helpful in marketing one’s self in job interviews are to those necessary to run a business or market a brand.

College graduate job-seekers are often told to be confident in their skills. The same goes for being a professional. It’s necessary to be able to talk about one’s strengths and successes, not only in initial interviews but also with clients and co-workers once in a permanent position.

At the same time, novice interviewees are often encouraged to remember that they don’t know it all. That’s important for the rest of us to remember, too! Being humble, admitting our mistakes and being able to talk about our weaknesses and how we’re working on them goes a long way in earning the trust of those we work with.

Finally, one of the most perpetual pieces of advice given to anxious new job-seekers is don’t get discouraged. We all could probably use this reminder on a daily basis. Everything will work out in the end, especially if we continually strive to put our best foot forward and (at the risk of mixing metaphors) to just keep swimming.

So, like college graduates, as marketing and business professionals, we too must be both confident and humble: championing our successes and willing to admit when we’ve made a mistake. As we seek out new clients and customers, we must continuously work to demonstrate our skill set and our ability to provide what they’re looking for.

Let’s all take this time to renew those efforts!

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