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Customer Relationships

Posted by coalescemarketing on June 1, 2012

I recently read an article on titled 3 Ways to Win Customers for Life. I was interested immediately because of the phrase “for life” in the title. After working to earn a customer’s or a client’s business, it’s important to try to show them that they’re valued. In that way, you’re able to turn their new business into a long-standing partnership.

This article shares three very thoughtful ways to develop lasting customer relationships. They are:

  1. Make customers a hero for a day – Call them out by name if they were the one to bring a problem or solution to your attention.
  2. Reward a dedicated customer with some sort of honor – The example Inc. gives describes a deli owner who named a sandwich after one devoted customer.
  3. Care about the community – Take an interest in the people, and get your people out working with your clients, doing something that matters.

We’ve also come up with several effective ways to show your customers that they matter. Here’s what we’d add to Inc.’s list:

  1. Be prompt in email responses – Customers appreciate knowing that they’ve not been ignored. Don’t we all? We’ve found that customers who hear back within 24 hours of posing a question via email are thrilled with what they deem to be superb customer service.
  2. Complete the circle of communication on social media platforms – Don’t leave a fan hanging. If he or she took the time to tweet at you, write on your Facebook wall or comment on a blog post, be sure to thank them, respond to their question and acknowledge you appreciate their feedback in some way.
  3. Take time to periodically ask current customers/clients what they like about the services they’re receiving and what can be improved – Surveys are a beautiful thing, and customers and clients like to feel like they are heard. So don’t just ask the questions, but follow up with a response showing what you’re doing with the data you collected.

Done with consistency, these actions go a long way in not only helping to “win” short term customers, but also in forging lasting relationships.

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