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How to Humanize your Brand’s Facebook Page

Posted by coalescemarketing on July 6, 2012

Facebook gives companies the opportunity to communicate in real-time with a large group of customers or clients. As a medium, Facebook allows for the mass dissemination of information and has quickly become fans’ go-to source for information about a company or organization that they’re interested in.

Many articles have been published and studies conducted about how to maximize one’s social media, particularly Facebook, reach. In other words, we’ve all seen the tips and tricks that the experts say will help us to get the return on investment we’re looking for when we engage with fans on Facebook.

Recently, I read a study which reminded Facebook brand managers to “humanize” our Facebook page. This isn’t a new concept. I’ve often heard it said that the personality of my brand should shine through on our Facebook page. With these “tips” in mind, I got to thinking of ways to humanize and make personal my brand’s Facebook page. I thought I’d share what I’ve come up with.

  1. Address fans by name – If a fan takes the time to comment on a post I make or ask a question on my page, the least I can do is give him or her a personalized response. To me, that means not only responding quickly and with the answer to the fan’s question, but also to tag him or her in the post so that they get a notification showing them that I’ve responded. It’s a simple trick, but the feedback is altogether positive.
  2. Be honest when you goof – Spell something wrong in a post? Write June 10th when an event is actually happening July 10th (and June 10th has long since passed)? Admit it on your page. Say you’re sorry. Laugh at yourself through the words you use to change the statement to include the right information. Everyone knows that making mistakes shows others that you’re human. Allowing fans to see that – to an extent – proves that there are people behind the company and the Facebook page isn’t being run by perfectionist robots.
  3. Share information about your people – Did something funny happen at the office? Do you have beautiful grounds where you work that are extra lovely in the summer months? Share a photo and allow fans the insight into, again, what’s going on behind the Facebook page. Show them where you work or that you like to have fun. Giving customers an “exclusive” look makes them feel special and like they “know” you, which if you’re doing it right, they should!

What else have you done to humanize your Facebook page? Tweet @CoalesceInc or comment here and let us know!


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