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Small Talk

Posted by coalescemarketing on August 17, 2012

In a recent article on, contributor Victoria Pynchon discussed the secrets of super negotiators. She argued that problems can easily be solved if all parties involved learned to master the art of small talk. Check out the article here. What do you think?

We believe the underlying message of Ms. Pynchon’s article is to remember that those you work with – whether they be friends or enemies; colleagues, collaborators, customers or competitors – are human. They have human emotions and are drawn out by the things they like. In the same way, they become withdrawn when faced with subjects that make them uncomfortable.

In our opinion, the message in this article is important to remember, not only when negotiating but also when networking and branding.

First, if you go to an event, meet someone and begin a conversation by immediately describing what your company can do for that person’s business, chances are you’ll be left standing alone, with no potential client. Taking that approach demonstrates that you’ve forgotten the human aspect of meeting someone and focused too much on your business motives. Getting to know people – what they like, what’s important to them – and truly listening allows you, as a networker, to set up a foundation that can be drawn on in future business. Really then, small talk can lead to big results!

When working to create your company’s brand or image, it’s important to remember that the individuals you are targeting are people. People with likes and dislikes; people who want to be taken care of. Keep the human aspect of your brand at the forefront of your marketing efforts and through social media. How? Allow customers to see the real you. Admit mistakes. Answer questions. Make jokes.

As Victoria Pynchon sums up in her article:  “Be social. Be authentic. Be transparent and have fun with it.”

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