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Posted by coalescemarketing on August 31, 2012

Since I can’t seem to organize my thoughts into one collective blog post, I’m settling for bullet points. There’s so much going on that I could write about, and I don’t want to miss anything! Here it goes!

  • Can you believe it’s August 31st? It seems like just yesterday we were talking about the beginning of summer and ways to maximize summer work (and free time!) experiences. Now, we’re gearing up for Fall. Bring. It. On. At Coalesce, we’re excited about new projects, opportunities and events that the season will usher in. What are your strategies for having a successful Fall? Share them with us on twitter (@CoalesceInc), Facebook or below in the comments section of this post!
  • Fall, of course, means football season. We’re pumped for the first full weekend of NCAA football and are excited to root on the Badgers tomorrow. Best of luck to all those competing at every level, especially area high school students! We all can learn a lot from your dedication, determination, and team-first spirit.
  • Did you catch that UW-Madison was recently ranked #1 college with the happiest students. Reading through the list of the top colleges got us thinking. Colleges, much like businesses, appear to be most successful when they establish what they stand for and stick to it. In a way, each of the colleges on this list has a set of brand attributes that make them what they are. They practice what they preach and it shows in their academic and extracurricular success (and the happiness of their student bodies). Watch for our upcoming issue of Vitamin C for more about living your brand.

That’s all for now! Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone! We hope it’s safe and relaxing.

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