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Public Speaking 101

Posted by coalescemarketing on October 4, 2012

Public speaking – terrifying to some, exciting to others – will quite literally be taking the spotlight in the coming month. With the onslaught of presidential and vice presidential debates, all of us have quite an opportunity to gauge not only each candidates’ take on the issues, but also their ability to string together a decent presentation in a high-pressure situation.

Even after last night’s debate – the first of many – already critics and supporters of both President Obama and Governor Romney were throwing out adjectives like “smug,” “bored,” “uncomfortable,” “comfortable,” “confident,” and many more in their descriptions of the candidates. It’s clear that not only is the focus of these intense conversations on what is being said but it’s also on how it is being said.

Politics aside, there were many key public speaking takeaways from last night’s debate, namely, that things like posture, eye contact, humor and preparedness bode well for anyone who’s in the spotlight. This timely article was recently published on It includes many expert public speaking tips. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Also, keep in mind that these public speaking tips (and others like them) are not just applicable to large group presentations. If you’re pitching to a new business client in a small conference room, or talking to your employees at a staff meeting, using or tweaking some of the same techniques is a sure-fire way to come across as a polished, well-prepared speaker.


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